Behavioral consultation

Animal psychology in theory and practice

Intensive coaching for living happily with each other in any situation

Today, there is a variety of new and old methods of how to educate your dog but there is no universal valid formula. Only by individually looking at each problem, a solution can be found. Something that can be pretty useful for one dog can be completely stressful for another.

Therefore, with you together we work out an individual therapy schedule and upon this, we create a stable and healthy basis for a long-lasting successful behavioral training.

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Animal psychology encompasses knowledge and experiences from ethology, the experimental psychology and the human clinical psychology. Thereby, animal psychology distinguishes between real behavioral problems (behavior which cannot be found among wild relatives or ancestors e.g. wolfs) and disturbing behavior (the owner) of the animal.

For instance, self-mutilation is a real behavioral problem; whereas, urine-squirt is a natural but the owner disturbing behavior.

On this basis builds the individual therapy through a detailed anamnesis by questioning the owner and observing the animal.

Some problems are easy to solve, others ask for much passion and support from the owner.