Dog School & Workshops

Dog School or Dog Owner School?

We offer an every-day Dog-Owner-School. Our work covers three main points:

the human, his or her dog and the relationship of them to each other!

The dog: >From the perspective of a dog, the world seems perfectly easy: by pulling on the leash, „Bulli“ makes headway on; when “Flummi” hops on humans, they start to make funny noises; the postman immediately gets his way when “Bello” warningly barks at him; with a long lasting cry, „Boje“ calls back her master; with threatening gestures, “Rocky” keeps other male dogs from his mistress and enjoys to be the strongest; however, “Bunny” runs away panicky from any noise, because he does not know if this might means danger; “Hunter” gets intoxicated when hunting for bikes and “Gigolo” ignores his mistress - inclusively snacks - for any other dog.

If master and mistress just would not be annoyed so extremely ...

The human: What about us two-legged ones? We have tried our best to care for our darlings with the best snacks and to teach obedience though dog-school and then, when it matters, the unthankful pet will not obey.

Therefore, the appearance of a diversification of moods, depending on the situation is just as human.

The relationship: May you learn with us to understand the behavior of your dog and to master difficult situations in a better way. At our school, your individual human-dog-relationship stands in the center of attention, because a good relationship is based on a successful compromise between accepted freedoms and limits. You and your dog can exercise new and specific all-day situations during an individual training with our behavioral consultants: step by step and in the middle of your real life situation, if necessary even equivalently protected.

We accompany you until the problem is solved with the aim that the cohabitation will become really nice.