How does the dog-walk-service work?

Our walks take place from 9.00am until 12.30pm, then from 2.00pm until 5.00 pm.

From packs, hierarchy and puppy protection...

Based on age and size, our dogs are being differently tutored as well as taken care of. Those who are young and dynamic will find friends just as those who are rather quiet and shy. The Dogwalker has a special eye on each of his protégés and picks the most suitable program for each dog.

Dogs clear up their conflicts among themselves. Not with us! We turn our attention to every dog. They want to feel comfortable and want to develop. For this, we are accountable. Every single day, at every single walk and for every single dog! We take care that the animals do not build up a hierarchy among each other. At DOGS AND THE CITY the only leader and decision-maker is the Dogwalker.

From the perspective of our dogs, our walk-group is no pack. They do not eat and sleep together and almost every day the groups consist of different dogs. Due to this background, specific social structures cannot be established. Hence, they only appear on a short-term basis during our walks. This means for our Dogwalkers to immediately prevent appearing aggressions.

Weaker dogs must be protected and will not come into the situation where they need to have authority towards others dogs.

"They find out themselves how to clear up things" No! We do not allow that the dogs have to clear up things among each other, may it be a bigger Jack-Russel who wants clarify something with a weaker German Sheppard.

We are especially watchful when dealing with puppies and younger dogs. The puppy protection period is a myth.

We take over the parent-function and take care of the young four-legged animals. Thereby, we give the young dogs security and build up a relationship.

Because of their well-founded education and longstanding experiences, our Dogwalker can distinguish when playing ends and patronizing starts.

Furthermore, our Dogwalker knows exactly which situations may escalate and when it is only about harmless showing-off behavior.

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